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The most advanced, modern and versatile bodybuilding product in the world.

The set includes 5 iridescent wires with different levels of force as well as included accessories.

The ability to customize with every exercise, every object, making the workout easier than ever before.

Products help bring health, physique for you wherever you are.
The product kit allows you to practice with every muscle group, making bodybuilding training easier than ever before .
Becoming the gym area when you want and being compact when you need 
High quality PVE material brings safety with great efficiency
Products and accessories includedThe genuine U-Powex product kit is a combination of:
    5 resistant ropes with 5 colors and force levels from 7-20kg for each
    2 Handles
    Set of anchors hooked to the door
    2 foot straps which fix the pillars
    Waterproof bag
    Box, books, genuine warranty card

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