Men's Lightweight VERSA Pants

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The bestselling Men's MountainRevo™ Breathable & Convertiable Hiking Pants are available NOW!

Imagine hiking your favorite trail with the midday summer sun beating down on you.  Are you worried about scratching up your legs or getting poison oak because you don't want to wear long pants in this heat?  Then these are the PERFECT pants for you. Many avid outdoors-men have sworn by these pants for years. The revolutionary lightweight design changes the way you traverse the outdoors.

  • Perfect for summer hiking with thin material yet reinforced in the knees and other critical areas.
  • Water resistant yet breathable, these bestselling pants are ultra lightweight and dry within minutes upon getting wet.
  • These pants are incredibly lightweight and perfect for all day adventurers.
  • Equipped with elastic waistband segments for the few inches around the hips to allow additional mobility.
  • As a bonus, these pants have zippers which can easily convert into shorts once you reach your destination!
  • Great for all summer conditions!

A proven best seller, the versatile Versa lightweight shell pant is ideal for any outdoor adventure or just hanging out and being cool. Ideal for Early Spring to Late Fall Seasons.

  • PTFE Nylon Fabric Blend engineered to keep the elements out while still allowing your body to breathe.
  • Lightweight and Super Comfortable; Ideal for Early Spring to Late Fall Seasons.
  • Extremely Water Resistant to keep you dry when the weather turns.
  • Quick Drying Technology for ultimate comfort.
  • Abrasion Resistant Smooth Outer Finish for extreme protection from the unknown.
  • Convertible Design; easily convert from pants to shorts in seconds. 
  • Durable Pockets Everywhere; 2 zippered hand pockets PLUS 2 Zippered rear pockets AND 2 Zippered thigh pockets.
  • Durable Easy Pull Toggle Tabs for easy access to pockets and essential  trail gear you need to need to grab on the go!

Designed for the adventurous hiker, scrambler, and mountaineer in need of a lightweight mountain pant that can cope with technical terrain and fluctuating temperatures, this pant is perfect for everything from a climb up a rocky chute to mowing the lawn in comfort.  

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